Explore Nature and Sights in Zadar and Vicinity by Bike

Discovering Zadar (Region) by Bike

Ride a bike because it’s good for you. Ride a bike because it’s environmentally-friendly. Ride a bike to get to know the beauty of Zadar (region) in all its diversity. Cycling, indeed, is one of the best ways to explore the stunning nature at the seaside and in the hinterland while adding a sense of adventure to your holiday.

Why cycle on holiday in Zadar region

Cycling is easy, adventurous, fun and Zadar region is a great place to experience it! Unlike hiking, riding a bike is faster and allows you to visit a lot more places while at the same time you don’t have to worry about possible traffic jams or parking in a city like Zadar.

Zadar region offers you a great choice of landscapes to explore with your family, friends or simply on your own and invites you to set yourself a challenge you will feel inspired to take on. You are the master of your tour so you can adjust your pace to your level of fitness, stop when you feel like admiring a spectacular view of the sea and beautiful nature around you or to chit chat with a local asking for directions.

Pick the right trail

Plan a cycling trip with your family and wish to see some sights along the way? Want to go off road and find your adventure in less famous places? Are you an experienced cyclist or just like to hop on a bike every now and then? By answering just a few simple questions like that and consulting Zadar Bike Magic, you are one step closer to finding the right choice of trails for your cycling trip.

Staying in Petrčane, you have an excellent position to try out quite a few MTB and road trails in addition to recreational routes perfect for families. You can also add some sightseeing in Zadar or Nin to your cycling adventure. For even more challenge, consider a tour of the islands, the nearest being the green island of Ugljan, or around Vrana Lake (Nature Park). Why not also feel the thrill of going up and down Velebit mountain, in Paklenica National Park and along Zrmanja river? 

Find a bike-friendly place to stay

Are you a true bike enthusiast? Or an occasional cyclist on holiday? In either way, choose a bike-friendly hotel like Pinija Hotel in Petrčane for your stay. Not only do we provide useful advice about cycling in the region as well as an excellent starting position for your trips of discovery, but we also offer bike services and rental.

Cycle it, feel it, love it!

You, your two-wheeler and Zadar region- a match made in heaven for some adventure, fun and inspiration on holiday! Rise up to the challenge and master the most difficult trails or simply enjoy a few scenic rides in beautiful scenery – go along the coast and on the islands, go uphill and down the mountain, go on and off road in Zadar region by bike!

Why Zadar Region is an Excellent Destination in Off Season

Reasons to Visit Zadar Region in Off Season

How to dispel the gloom of winter months? It’s simple and easy – a holiday break at the seaside will do! You may not be able to swim in the sea nor soak up as much sun as during peak season, but there are quite a few compelling reasons why Zadar region is a fascinating holiday destination in off season as well: 

1. Beautiful scenery, beautiful photos

Peace and quiet by the sea! That practically sums up the sensation you get to feel as you take a stroll along the shore in Petrčane or the promenade in Zadar. Without the glaring summer sunshine, the timing is just right to slow down, take in the soothing tranquility and snap the most amazing photos of stunning landscapes in Zadar region. 

2. Perfect timing for a visit to top national parks

1, 2, 3, 4 … and more! There a number of nature’s wonders within easy reach from Petrčane, including Croatia’s top national parks: Plitvice Lakes and Krka. In addition to cheaper tickets and far less crowds, these two national parks have a very special glow in winter. Towards the end of this season as the first spring sun rays begin to warm you up, you might also consider sailing around the islands of Zadar archipelago, visiting Kornati Islands National Park and Telašćica Nature Park. 

3. Excellent moment for museum hopping

Discover the exciting stories of the region! Learn more about the history and way of life led for centuries if not millennia in Zadar region and just have fun by visiting museums such as the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Ancient Glass, Gold and silver of Zadar exhibition, Museum of Illusions, all in Zadar, and the Museum of Salt in Nin.

4. Pick your event

From jingling bells of holiday season at the turn of the year to spring events, pick one and use as the perfect excuse for a break. For example, Đir po gradu (Cro. ‘stroll in the city’) in Zadar lasts till mid January and it’s the perfect invitation to enjoy delicious food and see the sights at a special price. January is also the month when you can witness skiing on an island at the Queen of Iž event (January 18) as well as spend a Long Night of Museums at the end of the month. Then look out for outdoor events during spring throughout the entire region. 

5. Time for wellness

Pure relaxation… with a view! The sight of the sea has a pacifying effect on your body and mind, but you can kick it up a notch with some wellness time. The wellness centre at the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane welcome you to a variety of facial and body treatments, including for kids, not the mention special rituals with authentic Mediterranean touch, massages and more. 

From winter wonderland to spring joy in Zadar region

Take a moment to discover the magic of winter by the sea followed by the awakening of nature in spring! Not only can you look forward to cheaper prices, but there’s something truly special at the seaside at this far less busy time of year. So, press pause and opt for some peace and quiet in Zadar region beginning of 2020!