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How to reach us

The village of Petrčane is a destination easily accessible by land, sea and air alike. It has excellent traffic infrastructure, which connects it with other larger Croatian cities via Zadar: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek.

Travel by car

Zadar is connected to Zagreb and other Croatian cities via the A1 motorway, which offers easy access to the European road network. Drive northward from Zadar and take the Petrčane exit.

Travel by bus

Zadar and Croatia are connected via regular bus lines with many European destinations in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, France, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. You can take any bus line travelling to Zadar, and from there you can take a local transport service to Petrčane.

Travel by boat

Regular passenger and ferry lines operate between the Italian port of Ancona and the port of Zadar. After disembarking at the port of Zadar, you can take a local bus service or personal vehicle and continue to Petrčane.

Travel by air

Should you choose to travel by air, you will land at the Zemunik Airport in Zadar and reach Petrčane by bus via Zadar. There are regular flights from Zadar to the following cities: Zagreb, Pula, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Hannover, Brussels, Düsseldorf, London, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm, Barcelona, Marseilles and Gothenburg. Other destinations are available with a layover in Zagreb which, being the Croatian capital, is part of the international air traffic network.

With prior notice and payment, we offer our guests the possibility of organising transport from and to Zadar and Split airports.

Ul. V 1A Pinija, 23231 Petrčane
Phone: ++385 (0) 23 202 500

gps N 44° 10′.47.93” – E 15° 09’32.04”