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Active autumn in Petrčane, Zadar Region

Ready to re-energize by the sea? Autumn may just be the right time of year to make the most of the amazing setting and lovely weather. Particularly if you decide to take your break in Petrčane, just outside Zadar. 

Perfect conditions for being outdoors

Days may be getting shorter and sunshine may be gradually losing its intensity, but pleasant weather in the Zadar region remains. Also, since peak season has finished, it is generally less busy on the roads, in the city and places of interest.  In other words, you have favourable conditions to enjoy your active autumn break.

Go cycling

Plan your bike adventure starting from Petrčane! There are a number of trails in the Zadar region, along the sea and in the countryside, on and off road. You can also select the level of difficulty that matches your physical condition. From the Pinija Hotel, you can be off to Zadar, Nin, or shorter routes, such as a simple ride to Kraljevski vinogradi vineyards in Petrčane and experience its ambiance at harvest time.

Go for a run

If you are an enthusiastic jogger, you will love it in the Zadar region this time of year. After all, there’s something magically soothing about running along the sea at sunrise, when it’s all calm with hardly anyone around, or at sunset, when the sun paints the sky with the colours of autumn. 

Colourful sunset at the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun in Zadar (Image source: Zadar Tourist Board)
Colourful sunset at the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun in Zadar (Image source: Zadar Tourist Board)

Just keep walking

A stroll is a great form of keeping actively busy on holiday. Even more so, when you pair it with a sightseeing tour in Zadar and Nin, or go uphill toward St Michael’s fortress on the island of Ugljan for fabulous views. For longer and/or more challenging hikes, go up the mountain in Paklenica National Park, and witness the change of scenery brought about by autumn.

Fitness exercise

Continue your routine workout while on a holiday break, maybe even combine it with a swim. The available facilities with the indoor pools at the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane allow you to do precisely that.

Play ball

Aim & ace it! Play a game of tennis in a Mediterranean setting by the sea and work on your hand-eye coordination in a game of mini golf. The sports facilities on the Punta Radman peninsula in Petrčane provide you with great conditions to enjoy these popular pastimes, when it is not so hot outdoors as during the summer months.

Active relaxation

Take a moment to unwind after working out! Lie down on a lounger in a quiet area with a sea view, and treat yourself to a massage and body treatments at the wellness centre in the Pinija Hotel. Simply take time to appreciate the feel-good moments and restore the balance of body and mind.  

Your Pinija brea in autumn

You deserve it. What is more, the Pinija Hotel has some extra Autumn Magic for you with special treats. So, get the energy boost with a holiday break keeping you happily busy and wonderfully pampered. In Petrčane, Zadar region.