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Autumn School Holidays at Hotel Pinija

Autumn means cool breezes, falling leaves, and a break time. Hotel Pinija is ready to make this season’s school holidays memorable. Let’s see what they have planned.

Special Activities for Kids

At Hotel Pinija, kids are in for a treat.

Swimming Lessons:

From October 28th to November 4th, the pool becomes a learning zone. With certified instructors guiding them, kids can learn to swim. It’s not just about splashing; it’s about gaining a new skill. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are in safe hands.

Creative Workshops:

Creativity has no limit. Hotel Pinija’s workshops are proof of that. Kids can try their hand at various crafts. They can paint, mold, sketch, and more. Every workshop allows them to make something new and show it off.

Themed Nights:

Nights at Hotel Pinija are never dull. There’s a different theme every night. Movie nights bring everyone together for a film. Disco nights let everyone dance to their heart’s content. And the Halloween party? It promises fun costumes, games, and treats.

Local Trips to Enjoy

Being at Hotel Pinija means you’re close to some fantastic spots.


Visit the unique Sea Organ. As the waves hit, it plays music. Then there’s the Greeting to the Sun, where solar panels light up at night. And if you’re hungry, local cafes serve delicious Croatian dishes.


A short drive from Hotel Pinija takes you to Nin. This town is a walk through history. The Church of the Holy Cross is a marvel. The old Roman Temple tells tales of the past. And for relaxation? Queen’s Beach awaits.

Paklenica National Park:

Nature lovers, this is for you. Paklenica National Park is a blend of greenery and rocky landscapes. There are trails for walking. Some paths lead to viewpoints, offering stunning vistas. The park is home to various plants and animals. It’s a day of fresh air and nature’s beauty.

More Reasons to Pick Hotel Pinija

Friendly Staff: From the moment you step in, you’re greeted with smiles. The staff is there to help, whether about room service or local tips.

Comfortable Rooms: After a day of fun, you need a good rest. Hotel Pinija’s rooms offer that comfort: soft beds, clean bathrooms, and a view to wake up to.

Tasty Food: Hungry? The hotel’s restaurant serves a variety of dishes. From local Croatian cuisine to international favorites, there’s something for everyone.

Activities: Apart from the special activities, the hotel has more. There’s a play area for kids. For adults, there’s a spa and a gym. Everyone has something to do.

For all the details and to book your stay, visit Hotel Pinija’s Autumn Special Offer.

Hotel Pinija is ready for the autumn school holidays. There’s fun, relaxation, and exploration. It’s a place where every day brings something new. So, if you’re planning a break this season, Hotel Pinija is waiting.