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The Best Activities for a Family Holiday in Zadar Region

Top Experiences for Families in Zadar (Region) in 2021

What makes a great family holiday? The key lies in keeping everyone happy. So, start by picking a destination that has a lot to offer to your family as a whole and its every individual member. For amazing family-friendly holiday experiences, check out the following options and suggestions for Zadar region:

Your very own sightseeing tours

Don’t cram as many sights as possible into as little time as it gets! Quite the opposite,  pick and see the selected sights, those that everyone will love and just take it easy. For example, spend a lovely family afternoon together in Zadar – visit the Museum of Illusions, count all the steps you need to climb to get to the top of the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral, dance to the Sea Organ while enjoying the light show created by the Greeting to the Sun.

Let your children pretend play to be knights and explorers while visiting castles, forts and ruins you wish to see in the region. Enjoy a fabulous view from the Fort of St Michael on Ugljan, climb to the ruins of a fort on the hill overlooking Novigrad and admire the site where Zrmanja river meets the sea, learn more about life in the hinterland by visiting Benkovac and its castle, search for the supposedly hidden treasure of the Knights Templars in their former estate in Vrana.

Having family fun in nature

Make a trip to stunning wonders of nature enjoyable for every member of the family! When exploring Paklenica National Park, allow your children to try out rock climbing up easier routes in Klanci or play a game of ‘the first to spot the Helmet, the Organ and the Witch’, i.e. cave formations in Manita peć. Share a family adventure by going kayaking (or rafting in off season) along Zrmanja river or on Vrana Lake Nature Park. If you go sailing to Telašćica Nature Park, remember to bring along snorkelling gear as well as a carrot or two for the donkeys near Mir Lake.

Adrenaline thrills for the whole family

Embark on an adventure with your family and share exciting moments together! You can try out an adrenaline park in Kožino between Zadar and Petrčane and go on an off-road trip of discovery riding a quad. For an adrenaline-filled day, plan a trip to Fun Park Mirnovec in Biograd na Moru (one-hour ride south of Zadar).

Fun for everyone … to each their own

Share and go solo! Plan your family outings and enjoy quality time, but also let every member of the family have their me-time. For example, at Pinija Hotel you can use the available facilities and services for a game of beach volleyball or mini golf, to try water sports and rent a bike, and you can also enjoy fun activities to your liking led by the animation team. So, while the children spend time playing with their peers at the Pini Kids Club, the parents can simply rest by the pool, have a wellness treatment or join in various activities.

For the smile that never fades

Keeping the smile on the faces of every family member is an unmistakable sign that your holiday is an absolute winner! So, make a list of top experiences your family will enjoy and make them happen in Zadar region.