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Discover Petrčane for a Wonderful Holiday in Dalmatia, Croatia

Visit Petrčane in Croatia: A Small Coastal Village for a Great Holiday

Breathe in the refreshing Mediterranean air. See the bottom of the crystal clear sea in a sheltered bay. Listen to the seagull’s cry of joy. Taste the most delicious flavours of Dalmatian cuisine. Discover the charm of a Dalmatian village, discover Petrčane!

Location: pinpoint the heart of the Adriatic sea

Escape from everyday stress to peaceful Petrčane! Situated between two peninsulas, Punta Skala and Punta Radman, its excellent geographical position and mild climate make it an exceptional place not only for holidays but also to live in. The village is located roughly halfway between the historical town of Nin in the north and the city of Zadar in the south.

History: more than a millennium of charm

A walk down the history lane in Petrčane leads to prehistoric times even though the oldest reference of the settlement dates back to 1071. Since the Roman period it has formed a part of the wider Zadar area, and has always been a favourite spot for holiday homes. In the last few decades its people gradually moved from traditional olive and wine production as well as seafaring towards tourism, but being a popular holiday destination hasn’t affected Petrčane’s irresistible Dalmatian charm.

Sights: follow the traces of history

Go back in time to the Middle Ages by visiting Kulina, previously known as the Church of St. Bartol, dating back to late 12th century. The parish church of Our Lady of the Rosary, dating back to the 18th century, is located in the centre of the village. During the Austrian rule, wells were set up in the village as well as quarantine facilities, which have been preserved to date.

Beaches: pick your favourite

Beautiful sea and beach, as far as the eye can see. Stretching over 5 km, the beach in Petrčane caters to all generations and tastes – it is partly pebbly and rocky, partly concrete with docks as well as sandy. With shallow parts where kids can swim free of care, thick shade of the fragrant pine trees and access for people with disabilities, a lovely day at the beach is a dream come true for everyone. The most popular choice in Petrčane is the beach on Punta Radman peninsula, near Pinija Hotel, which also offers a number of fun beach activities.

Activities: be active on holiday

See the sights. Swim & snorkel. Sunbathe & do sports. Walk & jog, early in the morning by the calm sea or at the most wonderful sunset you have ever seen. Ride a bike to get to know the region. Do activities to keep or become fit or simply to add some adrenaline to your holiday.

Relax and breathe in the fragrant air in the shade of pine trees while lying on a sunchair. Let the sea rock you while you  lie on your water inflatable enjoying the sunrays. For even more pampering and feel-good moments, why not treat yourself to a day in a wellness centre, such as Marea Wellness & Spa centre in Pinija Hotel. Your body and mind will love it!

Trips to the region: from cultural-historical heritage to breathtaking nature

See the sights, admire the nature! Petrčane is conveniently situated in the proximity of many places of interest – from cities like Zadar and Šibenik with amazing modern and historical sights, some of which are on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites, to villages and smaller towns such as Nin and Pag, which tell a story of what life was once like on the coast. Apart from rich cultural-historical heritage of the region, beautiful wonders of nature are within easy reach as well – hike in Paklenica National Park, sail around Kornati Islands National Park with a stop in Telašćica Nature Park, swim under the waterfall in Krka National Park, cycle to Vrana Lake Nature Park and discover the remarkable scenery of Zrmanja river and canyon.

Places to eat: taste of culinary heaven

Try the golden liquids of Dalmatia – wine and olive oil. They are the two very important elements of Dalmatian cuisine, which happens to be among the healthiest in the world. Petrčane is famous for its tradition of olive and wine production, which goes back centuries. So, treat your palate to the amazing tastes of the Mediterranean in restaurants such as Pinija Hotel Restaurant, Konoba Pjero, Toka or Kraljevski Vinogradi, to name just a few.

Accommodation: find your perfect home on holiday

For a complete relaxation by the sea, without having to worry about anything and with a wide range of extra services at disposal, choose a hotel such as Pinija on Punta Radman peninsula. It’s not only a place to stay, but rather a perfect accommodation choice for a carefree holiday experience. Apart from hotels, holidaymakers in Petrčane can choose between apartments or campsites as well.

Arrival: cosy and fast

In a hurry to reach Petrčane, your lovely holiday destination? The fastest way to get there is by flying to Zadar Airport, which is roughly half an hour away from the village. More and more direct flights are available every year from many European destinations. Holidaymakers arriving by car can use the A1 motorway towards the south of Croatia and enjoy the amazing change of scenery along the way – hills, valleys and then finally the irresistible sight of the seaside. It is the cosiest arrival by road, even though there is also the D1 state road which is parallel to the motorway for travellers who want to take it easy and possibly even stop along the way.

Petrčane – your dream holiday destination on the Adriatic coast

Relax and recharge, in the cool fragrant shade of pine trees. Feel inspired by the crystal clear sea and the amazing scenery. Treat yourself to the exquisite tastes of Dalmatian cuisine and new experiences by going on a trip of discovery of the amazing places of interest nearby. Create everlasting memories of a summer holiday in the picturesque village of Petrčane, your dream holiday destination.