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Family holidays in Petrčane, Zadar in 2022

Perfect holiday for kids in Zadar region

Ready to unwind with your nearest and dearest in a beautiful setting by the sea? Then mark the perfect destination for a family holiday 2022 just outside Zadar: the village of Petrčane. Then all you have to do is make sure every member of your family enjoys the time spent there, always keeping in mind their preferences and wishes.

Fun times together

Keeping the smile on the faces of your favorite people! That’s what it’s all about. By choosing the right place for your family holiday, you can easily make it happen. Staying in the Hotel Pinija  in Petrčane, your family gets excellent family-friendly accommodation, numerous amenities and fun activities, while being conveniently near places of interest. 

Apart from the swimming pools, make the most of the easy access to the lovely beach in a peaceful area with plenty of natural shade. Explore the coast in a jet ski or with a SUP board, and go snorkeling together. Have a great time over a game of mini golf, table tennis or a round of beach volleyball. 

Trips of discovery

Explore your immediate surroundings, explore the region. Visit Zadar, have fun at the Museum of Illusions, climb the Tower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral, only to round off your trip with the sound of the sea and a light show in the evening – at the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun.

Sightseeing with the family in Zadar

How about actively discovering the beauties of the region?  Take your family on a cycling trip to Nin, touch the golden toe on the Statue of Gregory of Nin and see the Salt Museum. Go hiking along the Krka river, admiring its cascades and waterfalls. Or go for a refreshing walk up the mountain, possibly even give rock climbing a try at Paklenica National Park. How about kayaking across Vrana Lake (Nature Park) or down the fascinating Zrmanja river. Plan a trip in a way that your family can fully enjoy and create amazing memories all together.

Happy individual, happy family

Allow every member of your family to have some me-time! Family holiday doesn’t have to mean you have to do it all together, all the time. On the contrary. 

Take a moment to enjoy a good book in the shade, or a cocktail by the pool. Do a workout in the gym, or go for a run by the sea at sunrise. Indulge in a sauna, a massage or a beauty treatment. Just as you can allow the kids to splash in the pools, have fun on the beach, join in entertainment programs and workshops at the Pini Kids Club, simply have their share of fun. Pinija Hotel in Petrčane provides a safe environment where you can do precisely that. 

Plan your family holiday in Petrčane

Study your options, available amenities, activities to do and places to visit. See what appeals to your partner and your kids as well as things you can do together, creating lasting memories as you go. Because nothing can beat hearing the sound of genuine laughter and joy coming from the people you love. And that’s precisely what awaits your family on your holiday in Petrčane, Zadar!