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An Overview of Various Types of Beaches near Zadar

Top Beaches near Zadar for Every Traveller in 2019

Sea, sun … and sand! Or pebbles. Maybe even rocks. How about that thick shade? Or that quiet spot with no one around? To single out among the numerous beaches in Zadar region the ones that are lovelier and better suited to your taste than the others, check out the following types:

Family favourites

Safe access, a wide stretch of shallow water, plenty of shade. Playgrounds, water parks and slides, fun activities within easy reach. There are a number of beaches in the entire region that tick all or most of the boxes for a family to fully enjoy spending time by the sea. Apart from Pinija beach, the top choices include Kolovare and Borik in Zadar, Dražica in Biograd na Moru, the sandy beaches in Nin’s Lagoon especially the Queen’s Beach.

Beaches adapted for people with disabilities

Take joy in the healing power of the sea! To enable all visitors to experience its beneficial effect on the body and mind, many towns and hotels are working on shaping the beaches according to the needs of people with disabilities. For example, Pinija beach in Petrčane provides easier access to the sea while Vitrenjak beach in Zadar also offers a ramp.

Pet-friendly beaches

Travelling with pets in Zadar region? While there have been increasing efforts to expand the existing number of pet-friendly services, not many beaches are officially available for your furry friends. Still, your pet represents the perfect excuse to explore the ‘wild’ beaches of the region in addition to the pet-friendly beach in Privlaka or the recently arranged spot in Zadar’s Foša.

A choice of beaches for sailing fans

Go sailing on a quest to find the ultimate beach! Look for romance in hidden quiet coves, have your snorkeling and diving adventure as you anchor near an untouched beach. The countless islands and islets of wider Zadar area provide you with a lot to explore, to see typical villages where time seems to have stopped or places where no man seems to have been before.

Apart from the world famous Sakarun beach with turquoise water or Telašćica (bay) Nature Park, both on Dugi Otok island, you may like to check out Lojena beach on Levrnak island (Kornati island group), Strunac cove on Žut island, Ćinta bay on Ugljan island, or simply look for the one that takes your breath away at first sight, maybe on Olib, Silba, Ist, Molat, Iž island or many others.

Keep it simple, enjoy it completely! Zadar region is naturist-friendly with a number of designated beaches such as Crvena luka in Biograd na Moru,  Sabunike in Nin, Punta Skala in Petrčane, Sovinje in Tkon on Pašman, Straško in Novalja on Pag, Jelenica near Kukljica on Ugljan.

Experience the essence of the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia

Crystal clear sea, light refreshing breeze, sheltered spot under the fragrant pine trees… Have your dose of feel-good moments by the sea surrounded by Mediterranean greenery. For that purpose, fans of nature like to explore the beaches on the green islands of Ugljan, Pašman and the smallest inhabited island Lazaret and many others. Or you can simply rest and recharge in absolute tranquility on the beach of the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane and have that unique Adriatic feel of pure pleasure.