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Get a Taste of Traditional Food in Dalmatia

Take time to taste the passion with Dalmatian cuisine! It’s fresh fish and seafood, seasonal vegetables, it’s a touch of golden olive oil and native herbs, it’s unique meat specialties, it’s a few drops of excellent wine. It’s love. Dalmatian cuisine doesn’t only take your taste buds on an amazing gastronomical journey, but it invites you to truly appreciate the food, the ambiance, the time spent together.

Begin with the right appetizer

Warm or cold, get ready for an exceptional introduction to Dalmatian cuisine! Have a piece of the unique Pag island cheese, a slice of Nin šokol and Dalmatian prosciutto or take the first dive into the Adriatic tastes with an octopus salad, marinated sardines or anchovies. You can also warm up with delicious cuttlefish risotto or a buzara (tomato-based sauce) with mussels or shrimps.

A fabulous main course of your choice

Meat or fish, you’re in for an excellent dish! Be it a brudet (Dalmatian fish stew) with polenta or simple grilled fresh fish with potatoes and Swiss chard, Dalmatian fish specialties perfectly reflect the flavours of the Adriatic Sea. The same is true of seafood, particularly with dishes such as home made pasta with a selection of seafood or octopus a la peka. (Peka refers to a unique style of slow cooking, which includes a cast-iron casserole with a bell-shaped lid placed in the fireplace with embers under and on top of it).

Peka is also one of the best ways to prepare juicy meat dishes. The famous Dalmatian lamb meat prepared with potatoes and vegetables in peka has rich flavour impossible to forget. Pašticada is another perfectly balanced Dalmatian dish truly appreciated by meat lovers. An example of slow cooking, pašticada is usually served with gnocchi following a day-long marinating and several hours of cooking.

Savoury side dish

Perfect side dish for a well-rounded meal! Dalmatian cuisine is well known for its use of fresh, seasonal vegetables which wonderfully complement the main dish. Similarly, homemade pasta adds just the right touch to an amazing meal.

Delightful dessert

Get your Dalmatian treat, simple and sweet! Fresh, dried or used in a cookie or a cake, fig is a favourite Dalmatian dessert just as the small balls of happiness fritule (doughnut like pastry) are a must for every festive occasion. Dalmatian cuisine is famous for its use of olive oil and native plants, so don’t be surprised when offered a cookie with olive oil and rosemary, even lavender.

Enjoy a Dalmatian meal like Dalmatians do

Treat your taste buds to a delicious experience by picking a traditional Dalmatian meal! Let Pinija restaurant be the first stop on your culinary trip of discovery. Still, don’t just choose your favourite Dalmatian dish, but embrace the lifestyle as well. Take the time to completely enjoy the exquisite flavours of food prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients by sharing the meal with people you care about the most. So, raise a glass of excellent Dalmatian wine and toast to an unforgettable meal!