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Top Beaches in Petrčane in 2021

Hotel Pinija Beach

Just picture yourself sunbathing and sipping a cocktail on a lounger just a few steps from the shore or reading a light book in the thick shade. Maybe you prefer being active, doing water sports, possibly even diving off a pier. Or you like to play with children on the shore. It sure sounds like a perfect day on the beach. Petrčane may be just a village next to Zadar, but it has various beaches for you to find just the right spot for a great time.

Long stretch of beaches to choose from

Shaped like a semi circle, Petrčane has beaches which altogether stretch almost 5km. Some of them have a longer zone of shallow water, which is just perfect for people with smaller children, and there are also a few spots with access for people with disabilities. The loveliest beaches are located at the extremes, the two peninsulas, while in the centre of the village there is a promenade and a marina.

Punta Radman – Pinija Beach

Just like the name suggests, one of the most popular beaches not only in Petrčane but in wider region, is situated on the southern peninsula covered in the refreshing pine trees. Find a solitary spot in the southern part on a pebbly or concrete beach, relax in the shade or dive off a pier.

For more amenities, move closer to the tip of the peninsula, near Pinija Hotel. While hotel guests can enjoy sipping cocktails by the pool, the partially rocky, pebbly and tiled beach with the transparent sea and amazing greenery is the perfect place for a lovely day on the shore. Adapted for people with disabilities, the beach also has a playground, beach volleyball and tennis courts nearby, as well as a bar and a restaurant. 

Žal Beach

Time for water fun! The pebbly Žal beach, not far from the southern peninsula, is particularly attractive for fans of the inflatable water park. One disadvantage is that it is just by the road towards the village centre.

Punta Skala Beach(es)

Just like its southern counterpart, the northern peninsula is equally diverse. On Punta Skala shore holidaymakers can find a solitary spot on the rocks, a lounger on the pebbly beach or a pier for fun dives. A place which offers you some extra adventure with water sports such as jet-ski, parasailing, or water skiing, and other amenities, is in its greater part managed by a hotel resort. In other words, non-hotel guests have limited access with the exception of the southern part of the peninsula, closer to the village centre.

The right beach for a great holiday feeling

Crystal clear sea and the refreshing shade of pine trees – it’s the ultimate beach experience of Dalmatia. With lovely and diverse beaches on both peninsulas to choose from, Petrčane is an excellent holiday destination for anyone’s taste. So, pick your favorite beach to fulfill the dream of an idyllic stay on the shore. Every single day of your holiday!