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Choose Your Favourite Restaurant in Petrčane, Croatia

Did you know that Dalmatian cuisine is among the healthiest in the world? So why not use the opportunity to try the very best of it while on holiday in Croatia and treat yourself to a healthy yet delicious meal that takes you straight to culinary paradise? Take a pick from the list of the top restaurants in Petrčane where you can have a memorable meal and a great time:

Konoba Orka

Round off a perfect day at the beach with an excellent meal at Konoba Orka, in the immediate proximity of Pinija Hotel! The friendly staff will show you the way to the outdoor terrace where you can enjoy not only exceptional food but also fabulous views. Treat yourselves to traditional Dalmatian meat, fish and seafood specialties your palate will truly appreciate! The menu also includes a variety of European dishes, from pizzas to barbecue. 

Konoba Pjero

Feel at home in the family run tavern Konoba Pjero, located by the sea and just a short walk from Punta Radman. It’s a place to relax in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine. So, dive in their exceptional fish and seafood dishes or go for the equally delicious steak for an outstanding holiday meal!

Konoba Toka

Have a nice meal in the refreshing shade of vines at Konoba Toka, a family run restaurant located in a renovated stone house with a traditional interior and outdoor terrace in a quiet street. A short walk from Punta Radman is all it takes to reach this place with great atmosphere and savory Mediterranean specialties, which include both fish and meat dishes. 

Restaurant Sidro

Feel like having some pizza? For the best one in Petrčane head to the restaurant named Sidro, just a street away from Konoba Toka. But pizza is not the only excellent dish on their menu – they also serve delicious fish and seafood specialties as well as pasta and grill. Their friendly staff makes sure your family feels fully relaxed and enjoys a great meal!


Eat your amazing meal with a great view of the sea at Liburna! Situated at the seafront, in the centre of the village, you can expect great ambiance, particularly during dinner time with the amazing sight of the setting sun. Pick traditional Dalmatian cuisine with locally produced vegetables and wine and treat your taste buds to wonderful flavours of Mediterranean food.

Kraljevski vinogradi

Wine & dine like royals at Kraljevski vinogradi (Cro. ‘Royal vineyards’)! Situated on a hillock overlooking Punta Skala, the place is famous for wine production. Take a walk in the vineyard, then have a lovely dinner accompanied by exquisite wines, some of which are native Dalmatian such as Crljenak (also known as Zinfandel or Primitivo), Pošip and Plavac Mali. To make a meal even more special, go before the sunset so that you can enjoy spectacular view of the sea and the setting sun.

Excellent dining within easy reach

Apart from Konoba Orka (on Punta Radman) and Kraljevski vinogradi (near Punta Skala), the other four restaurants are situated in the centre of Petrčane, either on the seafront or nearby. So, choose one or all and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal to complete your wonderful holiday experience!