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Beach & the pools at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane

Swimming pool with the perfect view, Hotel Pinija in Petrčane

When you think about the perfect summertime moments, what do you prefer – a beach or a swimming pool? While staying at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane near Zadar you don’t need to choose either, since both are amazing and within easy reach. Apart from being family-friendly, the beach and the pools facilitate use for persons with disabilities. 

Lovely Pinija beach

Only a few steps away from your room! Authentic Adriatic experience awaits you at the beach right outside the Hotel Pinija in a quiet zone of the Punta Radman peninsula. Just as the name implies, it has various fragrant pine trees that not only provide excellent natural shade, but also the perfect contrast to the clear blue sea. The beach is pebbly and rocky with paved areas as well, sheltered from the wind and larger waves. In other words, just perfect for a day out by the sea. 

Simply lie back on a lounger or a beach chair (available for rental), let the sun rays caress your skin as you are listening to crickets’ chirp and the soothing sound of the sea reaching the shore. Or you can be more active, swim & snorkel, play a game of beach volleyball, or have fun with other beach props you can rent on the spot. If you are on holiday with children, they will have a great time at the floating water park or playing in a sandbox and a playground nearby. Then, when you feel like you could use a refreshment, simply stop by a cafe or grab a slice of pizza at the pizzeria.

Family fun at the Pinija Beach

A choice of outdoor and indoor pools

Pure pleasure and fun for you at the Pinija pools! Relax on a lounger by the outdoor pool, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the view of the sea and islands in the distance. At the same time, your children can splash in the smaller pool close by. The area has wheelchair access and since the pools are heated, they can be used for longer than just the top summer months. It is also a popular spot at the Pinija Hotel in case you wish to admire the famous sunset of the Zadar region. 

But that’s not all. There are indoor pools as well, a larger one and a smaller one for kids, both of which can be enjoyed regardless of the weather all year long. They are the perfect extension of the stress-free zone as provided by the wellness and spa center of the hotel. People with disabilities can also make use of the water wheelchair readily at their disposal. 

For your absolute pleasure – beach and the pools

Chill at the pools, relax at the beach…At the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane it’s not about opting for one over the other. It’s about spending memorable holiday moments with your favourite people. Simply because both are a great option, with only a few steps of distance one from the other.