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Sport & leisure on holiday in Petrčane, Zadar

Leisure activities in Petrčane, Zadar region

Get in shape and stay fit on holiday in Petrčane! A peaceful village just outside Zadar and its vicinity provide you with excellent conditions for doing sports and pursuing popular leisure activities. So, leave your daily routine behind, disconnect and let the feel-good emotions prevail. Here’s what you can choose from: 


A light ride in Petrčane, a tour along the coast, to the town of Nin, city of Zadar or inland, a more challenging route… Cycling enthusiasts can choose between a variety of trails matching their preferences and level of fitness. Having left a bike at home, you can always rent one on the spot at the Pinija Hotel and ride away into your cycling adventure.


Do it at sunrise, do it at sunset… just do it! Clean air, beautiful sea and peaceful beaches provide all running enthusiasts with the perfect backdrop for their favorite form of exercise. 

Water sports

Swim & snorkel, and more! Water fun is one of the best ways to get moving on holiday. Do a few strokes, go diving to see the world below the surface, play ball in the shallows. In addition, you can hop on a jet ski or rent a kayak and head out to explore the coast. Besides moving your muscles, you get to appreciate the beautiful landscape from the sea.

Beach volleyball

Team up and enjoy a game of volleyball out in the open! It’s a great way to burn calories, get everyone involved and make new friends along the way, and most importantly it’s excellent fun. The Pinija Hotel provides facilities for the ultimate beach team sport. 

Playing beach volleyball on holiday in Petrčane, Zadar region

Indoor and outdoor workouts

Want to use the opportunity to start exercising? Or are you already used to doing exercise on a regular basis? In that case, having a gym on holiday allows you to continue with your workout routine without interruptions. You might also be interested in other types of exercise such as morning gym or water aerobics. All these options are at your disposal at the Pinija Hotel. 


Hit that ball across the net! Proximity to the sea gives you the perfect setting for playing tennis. All fans of the sport can use the opportunity to pursue their favorite pastime while on holiday in Petrčane, as there are several courts available at the Pinija Hotel. 

Mini golf

Take it easy in a game of mini golf! Sharpening your focus, balance and hand-eye coordination, you are also in for great fun with family and friends while playing mini golf.

Do sports… and relax

Use your free time and ideal conditions in beautiful surroundings to get or keep in shape! The Hotel Pinija in Petrčane provides you with a number of options and facilities to do sports and enjoy leisure activities. What is more, having done a workout, you can then relax in the spa zone with a view of the sea. So, on your holiday in the Zadar region, let nothing stand in your way to those feel-good moments that come with being active!