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Top 7 Experiences in Northern Dalmatia

Experience the sea and the islands in northern Dalmatia

Beauty. Excitement. Adventure. All that and so much more awaits you in northern Dalmatia. More than just a top seaside destination, the entire region offers you a wealth of unique experiences:

1. Enjoy the Sea Organ & Sun Salutation

Witness the interplay of a man-made work and nature in Zadar! If you find yourself at the Zadar promenade, sit on a step and listen to the sea perform on the Sea Organ. 

If you happen to be there in the evening, you will also get to enjoy a fabulous light show. It is made by the light installation called Sun Salutation (or Greetings to the Sun). Both are works of art paying tribute to the city and nature around us.

2. See that sunset

Oh, the unique display of colours in the evening sky… Whether you admire it from the Zadar promenade or as you are walking along the beach in a village such as Petrčane, the famous sunset is bound to take your breath away. After all, without any buildings spoiling the view and with the calm sea ahead, there’s something truly magical about watching the setting sun going down on the horizon.

Sunset in Zadar

3. Sail around the islands

Go on a sailing adventure! Take a tour by boat to explore the Zadar archipelago enjoying the sight of the crystal clear sea, endless islands of all shapes, sizes and landscapes. Feel the breeze in your hair, get some tan and take in the peace and quiet in a hidden cove. 

4. Discover beautiful nature

Stunning sparkling sea… and so much more. Northern Dalmatia may be a top seaside destination with a lovely coast and hundreds of islands, but its beauty of nature goes beyond that.

In addition to Kornati Islands National Park together with Telašćica Nature Park (Dugi Otok island), there are a few more amazing nature wonders to explore on land as well. See the waterfalls and cascades along the river Krka (national park) and the Zrmanja with its canyon. Go uphill in Paklenica National Park and be active on Vrana Lake (nature park). 

5. Learn about the fascinating history

Walk the narrow, stone-paved streets in the historical cores of Zadar and Šibenik! Find out more about their rich heritage, including UNESCO sites (St James’ Cathedral and St Nicholas’ Fort in Šibenik, defensive walls in Zadar). Also don’t miss the chance to feel the charm of smaller towns and villages such as Nin, Pag, Novigrad and Biograd. 

6. Do your favourite activities… with a view

Find your adventure and take care of your body & mind in northern Dalmatia! If you are a hiking & cycling enthusiast, go up to the mountain and island tops for spectacular views. Enjoy a perfect rest and treat yourself to some wellness time, possibly with a view as well, just as you can at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane.

Pure relaxation on holiday in northern Dalmatia

7. Discover Dalmatian flavours

Be it a fresh fish, a traditional meal made with meat, or locally sourced vegetables, your palate is in for a real treat! Pair your delicious Dalmatian plate with a locally made wine, e.g. from Kraljevski vinogradi in Petrčane, or a traditional Maraschino liqueur for a unique culinary experience.

Seize the day… as Dalmatians would

Experience northern Dalmatian with all your senses at your own pace! Spend a few moments admiring the scenery and rich heritage. Sit down on a terrace for a cup of coffee or a refreshment, maybe even a Dalmatian snack, soaking up the sun. Just take it easy and enjoy every step of your Dalmatian adventure!