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Travelling in Northern Dalmatia in the Off Season

Greetings to the Sun in Zadar, northern Dalmatia (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)

Spring through winter… Why limit yourself to visiting northern Dalmatia only in the summer, when it has a lot to offer the whole year round? In fact, you might have a more intimate experience of the region outside the top season. Here’s how and why:

Mild Mediterranean climate

Yes, the summer comes with a tan, clear blue skies and refreshing swims in the heat. Still, the weather is pleasant during other seasons as well, with milder temperatures than on the continent, even in winter. The conditions are just right to be active, go sightseeing and exploring or simply to relax.

Less busy

Forget crowds at top attractions in Zadar and region-wide. And take your time to truly enjoy them! There are fewer visitors during off-season, so you are also given the opportunity to get a better glimpse of the local lifestyle.

No traffic jams

Arrive safe and sound, and fast! Unlike the top season, when you can expect traffic jams, you can plan your trip more accurately and reach your destination in northern Dalmatia just as planned. Apart from quicker arrival on the A1 motorway, you can also expect less traffic on the roads leading to popular destinations and sights in general. 

Comfortable sightseeing

Discover the rich cultural-historical heritage at your own pace! See UNESCO sites in Zadar and Šibenik (Venetian Works of Defence in both cities; St James’ Cathedral in Šibenik) and modern attractions (Sea Organ & Greetings to the Sun). Select from a wide range of museums such as Museum of Ancient Glass, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Illusions, all in Zadar, and Salt Museum in Nin.

The timing is also great to see the second most visited national park in Croatia: the Krka river. With fewer other visitors around, you get to fully appreciate it in all its glory. Namely, the water level of the Krka is the highest off season, so the waterfalls and cascades are the most impressive then. 

Beautiful waterfall at Krka National Park

Taking a break

Even just a weekend will do. Just imagine spending a few days by the sea, away from your busy daily routine. Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway to mark a special date. Or treat yourself to a few days of pampering with a wellness break. Why not also actively explore the region, by bike or on foot? Northern Dalmatia will give you a lovely welcome, regardless of the reason behind your travelling.

Special deals

Grab your deal for a holiday to remember! The prices tend to be lower in the off-season, not to mention the special packages adding a lovely touch to your stay. Besides discounts, they often come with extra vouchers and additional perks related to the purpose of your stay.

Special ambiance during off-season

Come in winter, when all is calm … and bright. There truly is something magical about December, especially once the festive markets and special events begin. Similarly, the awakening of spring and colourful autumn come with the best conditions for being outdoors and exciting events to take part in. So, take your holiday break in off-season and enjoy all northern Dalmatia has to offer.