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Winter holidays in the Zadar region

Relaxing winter holidays in the Zadar region, Hotel Pinija

Create your very own winter wonder story in the Zadar region! Sure, chances of snow are rather slight, but it’s still a bright time of year to be by the sea. In fact, you can have it all – peace and quiet, and festive time and joy, when you feel like it.

Colder, yet warmer

Winter is here! It officially starts on December 21, right in the midst of the most festive holiday season of the year. The weather may be colder than in other seasons, but it’s still warmer than on the continent. Average temperatures are around 9 degrees by the sea, but they can go higher as well. But it’s also the warmth of the people, being together that is so special this time of year.

Absolute tranquility

Peace & quiet, all around. There’s something deeply soothing about winter by the sea. Watching the waves wash the shore with no one around, or from the lovely Spa zone at the Hotel Pinija. It’s the perfect moment to relax your body and mind by indulging in wellness.

Wellness & Spa Marea offers you a stress-free area, with indoor pools, saunas, steam bath, Himalaya salt room and special experiences inspired by the Adriatic. From massages to facial and body treatments, you are in for pure pleasure.

Time for special events

The timing couldn’t be better. Be it for a private celebration or a business reception. Want to have a destination wedding at the seaside? Invite your guests to the perfect celebration of your love in the Zadar region, and let the Hotel Pinija be the venue of your dreams, while providing services to make everything run smoothly on your special day. 

Planning a conference or seminars with your business peers and partners? The Hotel Pinija offers conference and meeting rooms of various sizes, not to mention the technical support, so that you can easily organize and hold your event. 

Days of joy in Zadar

Winter begins with great style in the Zadar region, especially in the city. Namely, Zadar has prepared a rich festive program to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s time. It lasts until January 7 2023. Not a day goes by on the historical peninsula that isn’t filled with music, amazing vibes, delicious food out in the open. With that lovely magic of the Christmas market all around.

Festive holiday season in winter, Zadar region (Image source: City of Zadar Tourist Board)
Festive holiday season in winter, Zadar region (Image source: City of Zadar Tourist Board) 

There is also the Višnjik Winter Park, open till January 15 2022, where you can be active outside and delight in delicious food. So, go ice skating and sample the options as offered by the Zadar Street Food Festival (winter edition).

Wonderful winter in the Zadar region

It’s time of calmness. It’s also the time of joy, celebrations of experiences we’ve had and of those that are yet to come. It’s a less busy time of the year, as well. So, think about a trip to the Zadar region, plan your special event or simply enjoy all it has to offer. Both the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane, and the city of Zadar nearby.