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Adriatic charm of Zadar region

Adriatic charm of the Zadar region

What is it about the Zadar region that makes you want to experience it once? Then once more, and over and over again. It’s the charm, beauty and treats for the senses, it’s that special something that makes it unique and recognizable. 

Dalmatian charm

Oh, that irresistible allure of the Zadar region! Situated in northern Dalmatia, it has a distinctive charm. Charm that is found in the narrow cobbled streets of historical towns and villages, in the stories written in the times long past. Charm that can be sensed while breathing in the fresh air with a fragrance of pine trees and Mediterranean greenery, and listening to the rhythmic sound of the sea along the promenade.

It can also be felt in the laid-back lifestyle of the local people, taking it easy and savouring the moment. A way of life Dalmatians don’t mind sharing as they welcome their visitors with open arms.

Beautiful beaches and clear blue sea

Your piece of paradise by the sea awaits in the Zadar region! The transparent sea without large waves, allows you to fully enjoy various water joys – sailing, swimming, snorkelling, doing water sports, playing in the shallows or just floating on a colourful inflatable.

Pebbly, sandy or rocky, the beaches here are well known for their natural beauty. Apart from breathtaking shades of blue sea, they often have plenty of lovely Mediterranean greenery offering shade on land. One such fine example is the pebbly beach with pine trees right next to the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane.

Excellent food & wine

Cheers to lovely culinary experiences!  Known as one of the healthiest in the world, Dalmatian cuisine offers you fish and meat specialties beautifully matched with side dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients and a few drops of native olive oil. But it’s more than delighting in top quality dishes. It’s also about the art of enjoying life, taking a moment to savor the fine flavors perfectly complemented with native wine, such as produced at Kraljevski vinogradi in Petrčane.

Enjoying delicious food in the Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)
Enjoying delicious food in the Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)

Top destination for families and couples

Lovely natural environment with a choice of activities to do. Just perfect for families. Offering an authentic Adriatic experience, the Hotel Pinija serves as the perfect example since it provides families not only with great accommodation, but also with amenities to keep the entire family happily entertained.

Similarly, the region is a true gem for romance. It promises quality moments with your beloved, romantic dinners with a view, walks hand in hand at sunset, the opportunity to discover the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak or the charm of Nin, a top European romantic destination. Fine wellness moments for just the two of you, as offered at the Hotel Pinija, give your relationship special memories as well.

The sunset

Believed to be among the most beautiful ones in the world. Especially when you admire it from a beach, or the Zadar promenade while listening to the Sea Organ and watching the light show by the Greetings to the Sun installation. The unique play of colours indeed is an endless source of inspiration for all visitors to the Zadar region.

Charming Zadar region

Let it cast its spell! The distinctive charm of the Zadar region lies in its beautiful nature, rich heritage, treats for the senses and welcoming people, inviting you to relax and enjoy every step of the way.