Romantic Getaway to Zadar Region

Just the two of you… and the Zadar region. Rekindle the spark in your relationship by taking a break by the sea. Leave the routine and daily rush behind, and enjoy each other’s company in beautiful surroundings.

Quality moments to remember

Share feel-good moments while enjoying the Zadar region! A holiday break gives you the opportunity to foster your connection, have fun together and create lasting memories. You can actively explore the region or simply lounge with one another by the pool or on the beach, whatever feels right for both of you. Just appreciate and make the most of your stress-free time off.

Romance in Petrčane

Relax & enjoy your time in Petrčane near Zadar! There’s no need to make elaborate plans, with packages such as Romantic Getaway at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane, you have a choice of options for a wonderful stay. You get to spend your getaway in a romantic ambience, waking up with a lovely view of the sea. You can treat yourself to a breakfast in bed and delight in a delicious dinner for two under the starry sky.

The package also allows you to take it at your own pace. Pamper your body and mind with special treatments, including a couple’s massage, and make use of the spa zone with a sea view. Or be active together. In addition to the free use of the fitness centre, you can hop on bikes and go exploring the attractions in the nearby city of Zadar, town of Nin and wider.

Your romantic story in Zadar region

Write your very own story during your romantic getaway! Zadar region offers you love legends to discover and romantic experiences to have. Find out more about them and spend your very own special moments during your stay. 

Beautiful sunset in Zadar (Photo source: Zadar Tourist Board

Go for a walk at sunset, be it along the sea in Petrčane or on the promenade in Zadar. After all, the region is known for its breathtaking evening sky. When enjoyed next to the Greetings to the Sun and the Sea Organ, you add another magic touch to the moment.

Why not also go for a boat ride from the historical peninsula in Zadar, as operated by the so-called barkajoli? You’ll get a different view of the city and share a fun moment with one another. You can also look for the Sphinx and discover the (love) story behind it.

The entire region is, in fact, a hidden gem for couples. After all, not so long ago the town of Nin was declared European top romantic destination. Also, Galešnjak, one of the few naturally formed heart-shaped islands in the world, is located south of Zadar.

Show it … with a getaway to Zadar region

It can be your honeymoon destination. Or you may have an anniversary coming. Maybe you just want to celebrate a special moment or achievement in your lives. Or you wish to spend some quality time with your significant other … just because. So, plan your romantic getaway to the Zadar region and let your heart skip a beat. Or two.

Zadar Region for Kids

Pure relaxation for parents, absolute joy for the kids – these are the most important ingredients for a happy family holiday. So, when on holiday in the Zadar region, treat yourself to some me-time, plan activities for the whole family and keep the children happily busy. After all, nothing is better than seeing your child with a smile that never leaves their face. Here are a few suggestions:

Daily water fun

Splashing in the pools & exploring the sea! If you decide to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, you don’t have to worry about the ever present summer dilemma: the beach or the pools, simply because you can have it all.

Allow your kids to enjoy the pool, as you relax nearby. Still, encourage them to spend some time on the beach as well – looking for shells, playing ball in the shallows, snorkelling to see the world under the surface. 

Have fun on and above water all together! Rent a jet ski to see a different perspective of the coast. How about the bird’s eye view when you go parasailing? 

Entertainment for kids in Petrčane, Zadar

Entertainment program for kids 

Let your kids join in fun activities led by entertainers! For example, Hotel Pinija in Petrčane has its own Pini Kids Club where your kids can participate in workshops, compete in contests, dance in the mini disco and just have a great time with their peers.

Family activities

Use the opportunity for quality moments with your family! Have a laugh playing a game of mini golf or beach volleyball. Rent a bike and catch a ferry to explore Ugljan island or go for a light ride to Nin (less than 10 km from Petrčane). 

See the fun sights in Zadar

Experience the city from a kid’s perspective! Climb the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral, grab delicious ice cream right next to St Donatus’ Church, visit the Museum of Illusions and let the kids witness the interaction of man-made attractions and nature at the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun.

Fun Park Biograd (Image Source: Fun Park Biograd)

Adventure parks

Treat your family to some exciting moments! Feel the adrenaline as you go on thrilling rides in the Fun Park Biograd, less than an hour away from Zadar. Or try your luck at a rope course, paintball, archery, zipline and the like at the Adventure Park in Kožino, just outside Zadar. 

Family trips 

Enjoy the attractions of the region as a family! Go on a sailing trip around the islands of the Zadar archipelago and Telašćica Nature Park. Take a photo safari along the Zrmanja river. Hike and try rock climbing at Paklenica National Park. Go kayaking across Vrana Lake (nature park). Zadar region offers you amazing attractions your kids can immensely enjoy. 

All for kids … in Zadar region

Spend memorable moments with your family on your holiday! Let your kids explore the new environment, play games outdoors, learn something new about the destination and just have a great time. In short, put that irresistible smile on your children’s faces by choosing the Zadar region … all for your kids!

Perfect accommodation in Zadar region

It’s your time! Time to escape the busy everyday routine, time to take a well-deserved break and change the scenery, even if just for a few days. So, make sure your time off counts by carefully considering where and how you would like to spend it.

Just the right destination

Looking for a place to soak in some sunshine and enjoy your time by the sea? Experience its beneficial effect to the fullest by opting for a destination that ticks all your boxes. After all, it is possible to spend a holiday in a quiet area, yet close to places of interest.

An excellent example is Petrčane, a quiet village just outside Zadar, the heart of northern Dalmatia. Its convenient location allows you to get to know Zadar, have a great starting point for exploring the region and to experience the authentic Mediterranean charm of a small, peaceful coastal village. 

Holiday in Petrčane near Zadar

Just the right accommodation

Allow yourself to be fully relaxed and pampered on your holiday … by choosing a hotel! Besides offering plenty of privacy and safety, staying in a hotel also comes with fewer responsibilities. For example, you can leave the household chores behind and let others take care of certain tasks you normally do. Not only you don’t have to plan and prepare meals then wash up afterwards, but you generally have a great choice of available meal options. Hotels also tend to include regional cuisine, so you can delight in authentic, local Dalmatian food on the spot.

Additional advantage is that hotels often offer more amenities than other types of accommodation providers allowing you thus to enrich your holiday experience. When choosing a hotel, remember to check out its location, proximity to the beach and other places of interest, because nothing is better than to wake up close to the sea. 

Wellness & Spa Marea at Hotel Pinija, Petrčane, Zadar region

Just the right hotel

Imagine starting your day in a comfortable room with a view of the mesmerizing blue sea and lush Mediterranean greenery… Just picture spending your day sunbathing on the nearby beach, resting by the pool with a cocktail in your hand. Or you could also choose between available activities and then round off your day with a wellness treatment and a delicious meal. You can have all that by picking the place that answers your needs completely.

Hotel Pinija is precisely the place you’re looking for in northern Dalmatia! Situated on the green peninsula in Petrčane, the hotel is a great spot for you to experience the very best of Zadar region. It offers you excellent location, accommodation and dining, a choice of leisure activities such as cycling, mini golf, beach volleyball, and Wellness & Spa Marea, and, most importantly, a place to rest and recharge in beautiful surroundings by the sea.

Time to shine

Treat yourself and your family to some quality time and an amazing holiday in the Zadar region by finding the accommodation that perfectly matches your preferences. Just like Hotel Pinija in the quiet village of Petrčane does.

7 tips for active holidays in Zadar region in 2021

Get happily busy on holiday in 2021 … doing the things that bring you joy and feel-good moments! Enrich your holiday with activities that are not only great for your body and mind, but also broaden your perspective and experience of the destination. Zadar region offers you a wide selection for an active holiday, so make sure you make the most of it: 

1. Define ‘active’

What does it mean to you? You might want to have just a light walk along the coast in the evening or keep busy all day long. If you are already in good shape, do you want to pursue your regular workout or are you willing to try something new? The options in the Zadar region are infinite, so see that you choose the ones that bring a smile to your face. 

2. Explore the sea

Go for a swim in the calm sea, all the way to the buoys that mark the safe swim area. Or hop in a kayak or canoe and follow the coastline. Not only are these activities a great workout, but they also offer you a magnificent view of the coast. 

Cycling on holiday in Zadar region

3. Active on land

Embark on trips of discovery on land as well! Hike or cycle along the coast and inland to get to know the region. There are 3000 km of trails to choose from in the Zadar region, so use the Zadar Bike Magic app to find the one to your liking. 

4. Active with others

Pair up for a game of tennis or table tennis. Team up for a beach volleyball match! Share activities with your family and friends, or use them as an opportunity to meet new people.

5. Have fun

Do exciting activities and take up new hobbies! It doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s about having a great time out in the open in perfect surroundings by the sea. Do water sports, try SUP, go snorkelling along the coast in the crystal clear sea. How about a game of mini golf or locals’ favourite pastime – boccia?

Playing a game of mini golf in Petrčane

6. Do more than one

Don’t limit yourself to a single activity on your holiday in the Zadar region! Mix and match, so that the activities correspond to your level of fitness and preferences. Also, you don’t have to necessarily plan ahead the sports and pastimes you want to do, but can choose on the spot. Even if you don’t have the necessary equipment, e.g. a bike, you can always rent. 

7. The right destination to be active

How to pick the right place for an active holiday? Go for peaceful, natural surroundings, just perfect for being active outdoors. If it is conveniently near places of interest, then you can combine your activities with sightseeing as well. For example, staying in Petrčane, you are halfway between Nin and Zadar.

Fit & relaxed on holiday

Balance your body and mind on holiday in the Zadar region! By choosing Hotel Pinija, you not only have a choice of activities directly at your disposal, but you can also round off a great workout with  relaxation at the Wellness & Spa Marea afterwards. Be active & feel great on your holiday in the Zadar region in 2021!  

Experience spring in Zadar region

Say goodbye to winter’s gloom and welcome the spring’s bloom! As the days are getting longer and warmer, take a moment to change the scenery and appreciate the awakening of nature in the beautiful Zadar region. It’s the ideal time and place to rest and recharge, and here is what you can look forward to:

Beautiful scenery

Mesmerizing sea and endless shades of green and colourful blossoms… The evergreen Mediterranean plants together with vines, olive and fig trees sprouting leaves across the region make the perfect refreshing backdrop for your holiday by the sea. It is the time of year when rivers Krka and Zrmanja are running high making their waterfalls impressive, when the beech forests  (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Paklenica National Park are budding.

Mild and pleasant weather

Fine weather for one fine holiday! The sea may not be warm enough to start the bathing season, at least until late spring, but it gets increasingly warmer with each passing day. It’s the perfect moment to spend time outdoors before the summer heat kicks in.

Be active out in the open

Move it to the rhythm of spring in the lovely Zadar region! The warm weather conditions paired with fresh sea air are a sufficient reason to be active, not to mention the beneficial effect outdoor activities have on your body and mind. Go for a stroll or a jog along the shore, cycle in Petrčane, to Zadar, Nin and other nearby villages.  

 Active holiday in spring

Visit wonders of nature

Plan a trip to national and nature parks in the wider region and see them blooming in spring colours! Go rafting down the Zrmanja, or see the waterfalls and cascades in Krka National Park. Hike and climb rocks in Paklenica National Park. Go sailing around Kornati Islands National Park and Telašćica Nature Park, or kayaking across Vrana Lake Nature Park. The timing is just right, nature in its prime and it’s less busy than during the summer.

Carefree sightseeing

See the sights in the best conditions! No heat, no crowds, no rush – just you and Zadar. And Nin or Pag. Take your time to discover the rich cultural-historical heritage of the region, the stories of towns and peaceful villages such as Petrčane.

Wellness in spring

Wellness time

Who could resist a time-out in a wellness zone with an amazing view of the sea? Indulge in wellbeing facial and body treatments, let the stress be massaged away and sweated out of your body in saunas or work it out in a gym or indoor pool. Hotel Pinija and its wellness zone provide you with the means to a perfect rest in spring.   

Well-rounded holiday break in spring… in Petrčane

Breathtaking, peaceful, just ideal. That’s how Zadar region feels in spring. So, take a few days off and appreciate it in all its beauty. For a fulfilling experience, don’t miss the Spring in Pinija special offer in Petrčane. In addition to perfect accommodation at the Hotel Pinija by the sea, it comes with special perks, from free use of amenities to gift vouchers to be used at the Wellness & Spa Center Marea and the à la carte restaurant.

Explore it, experience it, enjoy it… the stunning Zadar region in spring!

Rest your body and mind by the sea in Petrčane (Zadar) in 2021

Feel like having a break and wish to escape the daily routine? Leave the rush behind and find your perfect stress-free retreat by the sea. Let it work its magic and enjoy your getaway in 2021 to the fullest by staying in the quiet village of Petrčane, which also happens to be just a stone’s throw from bustling Zadar.

Re-energize by the sea

Listen to the waves rushing to the shore. Watch the perfect quiet and calm of the sea in the morning. Admire the colourful sky as the sun sinks into the sea on the horizon. After all, Zadar region is world famous for its beautiful sunset. Just feel the soothing effect of the sea.

Relax by the pool

Lie down on a lounger listening to your favourite playlist. Use the chance to read some light literature savoring a drink of your choice by the pool without a care in the world. Accommodation providers such as Hotel Pinija offer both indoor and outdoor pools, so that not even a light wind or a single cloud can mar your relaxation.

Enjoying a perfect rest by the sea in Petrčane

Soak in the sun

Get your natural dose of vitamin D! Also known as the sunshine vitamin, it works wonders for your body and mind. What better way to give yourself a vitamin D boost than by sunbathing on the beach just a few steps from your hotel or by the pool? After all, Zadar region has more than 2500 hours of annual sunshine.

Do a light exercise

Stretch your muscles, go for a morning jog or a simple walk along the beach, do a gym workout! Seize the opportunity to be active in the perfect setting breathing in the fresh sea air. Use the sports facilities in Petrčane, do fun activities out in the open and just enjoy every step of the way.

Wellness time

Treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time! Clear your mind and pamper your body with beauty treatments and rituals, get a relaxing massage and use the chance to de-stress from head to toe. Enter the wellness and spa zone of pure pleasures such as Marea at Hotel Pinija to enjoy saunas and hot tubs with a lovely view of the sea.

Wellness & spa at Hotel Pinija

Your perfect change of scenery in Petrčane

Wake up to the wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean greenery, away from daily rush and tasks! Hotel Pinija in Petrčane provides excellent accommodation in comfortable rooms. It is located on a quiet, green Cape Radman and is, thus, a great choice for a holiday escape.

Just as you like it …

Sleep in, or get up early for a light walk by the calm sea in the morning. Allow yourself to idle away sipping a refreshment by the pool, or actively explore Petrčane, Zadar and its lovely region. Get pampered with some wellness time and use the opportunity to bring your body and mind back to balance. Your idyllic haven for a restful holiday in 2021 awaits you in Petrčane with Hotel Pinija!

Special Offers for a Perfect Holiday in Petrčane near Zadar

Thinking about taking some time off to recharge? Maybe even relax but be active as well? What about treating your family to a wonderful time together? Don’t just daydream about a getaway, but rather make it happen! And do so in a breathtaking, fragrant Mediterranean environment by the sea. Such a fulfilling experience awaits you at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane just outside Zadar, so take a look at their special offers with a flexible booking policy for a holiday you’ve been hoping for:

Do it early!

Book your stay ahead of time and enjoy the sweet anticipation! The Early Booking package applies to all room types and includes B&B or half-board service. Besides a special discount, it also offers great treats such as the free use of the fitness centre and the pools, 1-hour access to the spa zone at no cost, gift voucher for a game of mini golf and more.

Playing with children on the beach in Petrčane

It’s family time!

Keep every member of your family in mind when planning happy times on holiday! After all, what’s better than watching your children smile and enjoy themselves, but also finding a moment for pure relaxation?  That’s why the special offer for families is precisely the kind of a package you need!

Wonderful moments on a family holiday at the seaside

The Family Package includes a stay in a Premium family room and irresistible extras. Look forward to waking up to an amazing view of the sea, making use of the spa zone and fitness room, pampering yourself with spa treatments at a special discount (15%). Then share quality family moments playing mini golf and exploring the coast in a kayak. The package also features a half-board service and additional perks.

Just relax!

Unwind and restore the balance of body and mind! Leave the daily rush and noise behind and find your haven in the tranquility of the Hotel Pinija. Take the well-deserved time off to relax with just the right special offer.

Relaxing in the spa zone with a sea view at the Hotel Pinija

The De-stress package comes with a stay in a Premium double room with a view and a half-board service. In addition to free and unlimited access to the spa zone overlooking the sea and the fitness center, it includes a de-stress massage, a body ultrasound and a 15% discount on facial and body treatments. 

Just relax … and go cycling

Rest and re-energize! Use your getaway to take it easy and to be active – Petrčane and its vicinity are an excellent choice for cycling trips, while the Hotel Pinija offers you amenities for pure pleasure. So, for the two lovely ways to spend your getaway, all you need is one special offer.

Cycling on holiday in Zadar region

The Relax & Bike package offers a stay in a Premium double room with a view and a half-board service. Following a two-hour use of bicycles, you can then do another workout in the fitness room or fully rest in the spa zone with a sea view. For further relaxation, you can get a foot massage and indulge in a face or body treatment with a 15% discount.

Why choose the Hotel Pinija?

Set in the refreshing Mediterranean scenery on Cape Radman in the peaceful village of Petrčane, the hotel has excellent amenities for a relaxing holiday. Also, the fragrant pine trees and crystal clear sea provide the perfect setting to clear your mind, rest and enjoy your stay. Easily reached by A1 motorway or by flying to Zadar Airport, the hotel is a great choice both for a weekend break and a longer holiday.

Very special moments are within easy reach… Just pick a special offer to your preference and turn your daydream into reality at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane!

The Perfect Plan for a 7-Day Stay near Zadar in Petrčane

Relaxation and pure pleasure. Excitement and adventure. Curiosity and inspiration. Take all the necessary ingredients and fill your holiday in Zadar region with truly memorable holiday moments. Here’s one possible option for a 7-day stay:

Day 1 – relax and enjoy Petrčane

Treat all your senses to the magic of Dalmatia! Spend a day simply lying on the lounger while the sun rays caress your skin and the waves washing the shore lull you into pure relaxation.

Then, in the evening, take a lovely walk along the shore, experience the charm of a typical Dalmatian village of Petrčane and round off an amazing day with a feast for your taste buds over a dinner with authentic delicacies.

Day 2 – wellness time followed by an afternoon in Zadar

Start a wonderful day by indulging in wellness treatments inspired by the Mediterranean at Pinija Hotel for your pure pleasure on holiday.

Spend the afternoon roaming the historical streets of Zadar! Visit the landmarks such as St Donatus’ Church with the Roman Forum, climb the nearby belltower for the ultimate views, walk along Kalelarga street, the city walls and through its gates (UNESCO’s World Heritage Site), stop for some refreshment at People’s Square . Finish your visit with a breathtaking sight of the famous Zadar sunset and the light installation Greetings to the Sun as you listen to the unique sound of the Sea Organ.

Day 3 – cycling to Nin

Set off on a cycling trip of discovery towards the charming historical town of Nin! Start your adventure in the morning before the heat kicks in and visit the world’s smallest cathedral, hold the golden toe on the Statue of St Gregory of Nin, learn exciting facts at the Salt Museum.

Fill your afternoon with simple relaxing moments by the pool or the beach, with every member of the family having their share of fun.

Day 4 – unforgettable sailing experience

Set sail around the beautiful islands of all shapes and sizes! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of a boat trip in a true sailing paradise. Visit Telašćica Nature Park, admire the cliffs of Dugi Otok island, snorkel and dive in the breathtaking sea in Kornati Islands National Park. 

Day 5 – enjoy summer fun in Petrčane

Have fun with your family and spend a day being active! Pinija Hotel offers you a variety of activities to choose from: fitness center, mini golf and tennis courts, table tennis, beach volleyball, aerobics,

mini club for kids in addition to irresistible water sports. 

Day 6 – pick your adventure and trip

Seize the chance to explore extraordinary nature with a touch of adventure and choose a winner among fabulous options for a day trip! Swim under a waterfall at Krka National Park, go down Zrmanja river in a raft or a canoe or go hiking to the mountain tops in Paklenica National Park.

Day 7 – simply relax by the sea

Recharge and get pampered with favourite activities in beautiful surroundings in Petrčane! Sunbathe, swim, have a massage and do all the fun things that bring you joy. 

Your very own itinerary

Choose Petrčane as your destination, make an approximate plan for your stay and look forward to an unforgettable holiday filled with exciting moments!

Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Dalmatia in 2021

It’s breathtaking seaside. It’s beautifully diverse scenery. It’s historical towns and villages with unique stories. Northern Dalmatia is all that, so open the treasure chest of its gems and pick out your favourites to visit in 2021:

UNESCO cities – Zadar and Šibenik

Enter the time machine and go back a few centuries in the modern cities of Zadar and Šibenik! Walk the historical streets, squares, gates and along the defensive walls in Zadar (UNESCO World Heritage Site), then take in the most beautiful sunset in the world while sending your Greeting to the Sun and listening to the Sea Organ (both famous modern attractions). Stand in awe before the 15th century St James’ Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Renaissance Town Hall across it, then conquer the city’s fortresses – St Nicholas’ (UNESCO World Heritage Site), St Michael’s and St John’s, all to be seen in Šibenik.

Tour of small towns with big stories – Nin, Novigrad, Pag

Discover the legends and curiosities of small towns with historically immense importance! Follow the traces of early Croatian kings in Nin, experience the charm and the views in Novigrad, explore the unique culture and tradition of Pag.

National parks – Krka, Paklenica, Kornati

Visit the big three! As many as 3 national parks are situated in a relatively small area and are remarkably diverse. In other words, you get to admire the cascades and waterfalls of the Krka river, sail around the lovely Kornati islands and go up the mountain in Paklenica within just a few days.

Nature parks – Telašćica, Vrana Lake

Continue your trip of discovery with nature parks! Explore breathtaking Telašćica Bay on Dugi Otok island and appreciate biodiversity of Vrana Lake between Zadar and Šibenik. Both nature parks can be best appreciated by being active, for example by bike or kayak.

From island to island

Welcome to the paradise for all sailing fans! In addition to Kornati islands and Dugi Otok, northern Dalmatia boasts numerous other islands of all shapes and sizes. From bare islands like Pag to green oases like Ugljan and Pašman, from islands with a few charming villages to uninhabited islets, there is a lot to choose from for a lovely sailing trip.

Zrmanja river

Enjoy the beauty of the exciting Zrmanja river and canyon! Have an adventure by going rafting in spring or autumn or appreciate its lovely scenery from a kayak or SUP board any time of year.

Vineyards and olive groves of the region

Taste the delightful flavours of northern Dalmatia in beautiful countryside! Visit Kraljevski vinogradi vineyard with a sea view in Petrčane, find out more about the tradition of olive oil production on Ugljan or go on a gastronomic tour in Ravni kotari.

A stone’s throw … from the right spot

How to see as many attractions on your holiday as possible? By picking just the right destination, such as Pinija Hotel in Petrčane, which is conveniently near them all. So, select the sights you definitely don’t want to miss, make a plan to see them and experience the best of northern Dalmatia!

Your Excellent Getaway in Zadar Region

Stop. Slow down. Take a break, because you deserve it. Change the scene from the busy streets of your town and get your hefty dose of vitamin D on the sunny coast in Zadar region. Opt for a relaxing yet energizing holiday break in Petrčane and spend a few days with your partner and family free of care. Here’s how easy yet gratifying it can be:

Fast and cosy arrival

Just a couple of hours – that’s all you need to reach your destination. In other words, by catching a flight from numerous European destinations to Zadar airport, you can be lying on the lounger at the beach before you know it. Should you prefer travelling by car, Zadar region is comfortably reachable via motorway as well.

Fabulous place to stay

Choose a peaceful destination for a perfect rest. Choose a place just a stone’s throw away from top attractions. Simply choose Petrčane! Conveniently near a number of must-see’s both at sea and on land, including the city of Zadar, the charming Dalmatian village has precisely what you need for a great break.

Just picture yourself taking in the stunning view of the sea from your room in the Pinija Hotel, lounging with a cocktail in your hand by the pool, breathing in the refreshing scent of the pine trees at the beach. It’s pure relaxation by the sea.

Feel-good activities

Fun for everyone! Spend quality moments with your partner and family doing the things that bring everyone joy. Play a round of mini golf or a game of beach volleyball. Join in the morning exercise and other fun activities run by the animation team and enjoy evening entertainment at the Pinija Hotel. Try out some water sports for sheer excitement of it.

Go sightseeing to Nin or Zadar by bike. Pick a top destination for a day trip, be it sailing to Telašćica Nature Park, hiking in Paklenica National Park, swimming under the waterfall in Krka National Park, or go off the beaten track on your trip of discovery in the region.

Destress with wellness

Restore the balance between body and mind by indulging in some wellness time! Treat yourself to facial and body treatments including a massage for an excellent touch to your stress-free time off work. Wellness and Spa Centre Marea within the Pinija Hotel offers you authentic treatments, some of which include native herbs such as rosemary and lavender in addition to Nin salt, as well as relax programs both for adults and children.

Explore the flavours of Zadar region

Take your time to truly savor the delicious tastes of Dalmatian cuisine! Be it fish and seafood, meat delicacy or a vegetable dish, try local specialties over a glass of amazing local wine in amazing setting. After all, a meal has never tasted better than when taken with a view of the sea, without any haste or a care in the world.

Rest and recharge in Zadar region

Have a well-deserved break, away from everyday rush and tasks, doing the things you like in beautiful scenery! Find your perfect place to unwind in Petrčane, your top destination for a holiday break!