What’s in store for you at Hotel Pinija in 2023?

Our latest blog post revealed the exciting details of Zadar county’s 2023 offer. Now, it’s time to unveil the most exceptional part of our package! From year-long specials to limited-time deals, our benefits are tailored to meet your needs and desires.

Early Booking

Planning your vacation ahead of time has never been more rewarding! At Hotel Pinija, we offer Early Booking at the beginning and end of each year. By booking early, you’ll enjoy an array of benefits that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

We’ve got you covered, from exclusive discounts on regular prices to additional perks in early booking packages. Plus, by securing your spot early, you won’t have to worry about where or when you’ll be spending your well-deserved break.
At Hotel Pinija, we update our Early Booking deals every year to make sure that our guests get the best possible deals. So, make sure to check the link and discover our latest offers!

Romantic Package

Are you looking for a romantic getaway for two? Look no further! Our romantic package is the perfect opportunity to create your own romantic comedy filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories. Indulge in this romantic experience and recharge your batteries with all the benefits and activities designed specifically for couples.

Perfect romantic getaway offer

Take your romance to the next level with our exclusive package. Not only will you create unforgettable memories, but you’ll also return home with a renewed sense of love and affection.
Click now to discover why our romantic package is a perfect choice!

De-stress Package

Are you one of the millions of people struggling with stress? We’ve created the ultimate “no bad days” package to help you destress and unwind. Our solution to stress includes a complete sensory relaxation experience, allowing you to detox physically and mentally. You won’t truly be resting unless you feel positive changes in both your mind and body. Say goodbye to unnecessary worries and hello to indulgent relaxation, giving you the ultimate reset.

Discover how to eliminate stress from your life by exploring our de-stress package.

Relax & Bike

Looking for a holiday that combines relaxation and physical activity? Then our Relax & Bike package is the perfect solution for you.

Relax & Bike offer

Guests of all ages, from children to seniors who believe age is just a number, love this package. Whether you prefer to relax before or after your cycling adventures, we’ve covered you with various activities and relaxation options.
And here’s the best part – you don’t need to bring your bike! We’ve taken care of that, too.

Memories to remember

Special offers are named special offers because they’re designed for our special guests (if you’re reading this, you’re one of them).
Discover the beauty of Croatia, Zadar County and Hotel Pinija year-round, and make unforgettable memories. While summer remains a popular time for rest, each season brings unique charm and adventures. Don’t miss out – book your stay now and experience the perfect holiday.

Zadar region in all seasons 2023

Blooming awakening of nature in spring. Clear skies and excitement in summer. Colorful and joyful autumn.  Peace and quiet in winter. Yet magical in every season! Indeed, Zadar region can be whatever you need or want it to be – a place to get away from daily routine, a place to relax and feel pampered, a place to be active and awaken the imagination, all year long.

Spring awakening

Feel the sunrays getting warmer, enjoy fun activities in great circumstances! Spring is so much more than just a warm-up period for the summer in the Zadar region.

With increasingly more sunny days and pleasant temperature, the moment is just right to be active outdoors, exploring the cycling and hiking trails, sailing, and comfortably sightseeing without the crowds. Even if there is an occasional cloudy or rainy spell, you can always make the most of it by indulging in some wellness time or going museum hopping. After all, the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Ancient Glass and Museum of Illusions in Zadar, or the Salt Museum in Nin, tell fascinating stories of times past.

It is also an excellent moment to witness the blossoming nature. Staying in Petrčane in the Zadar region, you are conveniently near Paklenica, Krka and Kornati national parks, Vrana Lake Nature Park and the lovely Zrmanja river.

Buzzing summer

The Zadar region at its peak! Clear skies and warm weather promise an exciting time! It’s the perfect moment for a seaside holiday, the right moment to swim & dive, play on the beach and splash in the pools, or simply to lounge in the shade sipping your favourite refreshment. 

Perfect relaxation in the Zadar region
Perfect relaxation in the Zadar region

Summer also comes with a wealth of water activities and richer entertainment programs led by animation teams such as those available at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane. The events calendar is busier as well, so not a day goes by that there isn’t something on either in Zadar or nearby towns and villages. Thus, you can easily join in and your share of good times is guaranteed. 

The ambiance is lively at every turn, but it is also the peak in the number of visitors. So, when planning sightseeing or trips to nature, consider less busier times, so that you can fully appreciate the attractions. 

Colourful autumn

Enjoy the fruits of the land in the Zadar region! With an increasingly smaller number of visitors, the timing couldn’t be better for a quiet getaway. After all, the weather continues to be pleasant without the summer heat, so use the time to be active outdoors. Combine exploring the beautifully diverse nature with your favourite activities, be it hiking, cycling or sailing. 

While the beaches are becoming quieter with every new autumn day, the buzz moves to olive groves and vineyards. So, why not consider visiting places such as Kraljevski vinogradi in Petrčane and delight in autumn treats? 

Calm, yet shiny winter

Brighten the gloomy winter days with a holiday break to the Zadar region! The absolute peace and quiet paired with some wellness time can work wonders on your body and mind, even if just for a couple of days. The festive spirit in a magical holiday setting in Zadar in December and a romantic getaway in February are perfect excuses for a visit.

Zadar region 365

Yes, summer may be the busiest and most popular time for a trip to the Zadar region. Still, its rich cultural-historical and natural heritage, great conditions for outdoor activities and excellent cuisine give you compelling reasons for a holiday any time of year. From spring to winter. 

Winter holidays in the Zadar region

Create your very own winter wonder story in the Zadar region! Sure, chances of snow are rather slight, but it’s still a bright time of year to be by the sea. In fact, you can have it all – peace and quiet, and festive time and joy, when you feel like it.

Colder, yet warmer

Winter is here! It officially starts on December 21, right in the midst of the most festive holiday season of the year. The weather may be colder than in other seasons, but it’s still warmer than on the continent. Average temperatures are around 9 degrees by the sea, but they can go higher as well. But it’s also the warmth of the people, being together that is so special this time of year.

Absolute tranquility

Peace & quiet, all around. There’s something deeply soothing about winter by the sea. Watching the waves wash the shore with no one around, or from the lovely Spa zone at the Hotel Pinija. It’s the perfect moment to relax your body and mind by indulging in wellness.

Wellness & Spa Marea offers you a stress-free area, with indoor pools, saunas, steam bath, Himalaya salt room and special experiences inspired by the Adriatic. From massages to facial and body treatments, you are in for pure pleasure.

Time for special events

The timing couldn’t be better. Be it for a private celebration or a business reception. Want to have a destination wedding at the seaside? Invite your guests to the perfect celebration of your love in the Zadar region, and let the Hotel Pinija be the venue of your dreams, while providing services to make everything run smoothly on your special day. 

Planning a conference or seminars with your business peers and partners? The Hotel Pinija offers conference and meeting rooms of various sizes, not to mention the technical support, so that you can easily organize and hold your event. 

Days of joy in Zadar

Winter begins with great style in the Zadar region, especially in the city. Namely, Zadar has prepared a rich festive program to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s time. It lasts until January 7 2023. Not a day goes by on the historical peninsula that isn’t filled with music, amazing vibes, delicious food out in the open. With that lovely magic of the Christmas market all around.

Festive holiday season in winter, Zadar region (Image source: City of Zadar Tourist Board)
Festive holiday season in winter, Zadar region (Image source: City of Zadar Tourist Board) 

There is also the Višnjik Winter Park, open till January 15 2022, where you can be active outside and delight in delicious food. So, go ice skating and sample the options as offered by the Zadar Street Food Festival (winter edition).

Wonderful winter in the Zadar region

It’s time of calmness. It’s also the time of joy, celebrations of experiences we’ve had and of those that are yet to come. It’s a less busy time of the year, as well. So, think about a trip to the Zadar region, plan your special event or simply enjoy all it has to offer. Both the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane, and the city of Zadar nearby. 

Adriatic charm of Zadar region

What is it about the Zadar region that makes you want to experience it once? Then once more, and over and over again. It’s the charm, beauty and treats for the senses, it’s that special something that makes it unique and recognizable. 

Dalmatian charm

Oh, that irresistible allure of the Zadar region! Situated in northern Dalmatia, it has a distinctive charm. Charm that is found in the narrow cobbled streets of historical towns and villages, in the stories written in the times long past. Charm that can be sensed while breathing in the fresh air with a fragrance of pine trees and Mediterranean greenery, and listening to the rhythmic sound of the sea along the promenade.

It can also be felt in the laid-back lifestyle of the local people, taking it easy and savouring the moment. A way of life Dalmatians don’t mind sharing as they welcome their visitors with open arms.

Beautiful beaches and clear blue sea

Your piece of paradise by the sea awaits in the Zadar region! The transparent sea without large waves, allows you to fully enjoy various water joys – sailing, swimming, snorkelling, doing water sports, playing in the shallows or just floating on a colourful inflatable.

Pebbly, sandy or rocky, the beaches here are well known for their natural beauty. Apart from breathtaking shades of blue sea, they often have plenty of lovely Mediterranean greenery offering shade on land. One such fine example is the pebbly beach with pine trees right next to the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane.

Excellent food & wine

Cheers to lovely culinary experiences!  Known as one of the healthiest in the world, Dalmatian cuisine offers you fish and meat specialties beautifully matched with side dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients and a few drops of native olive oil. But it’s more than delighting in top quality dishes. It’s also about the art of enjoying life, taking a moment to savor the fine flavors perfectly complemented with native wine, such as produced at Kraljevski vinogradi in Petrčane.

Enjoying delicious food in the Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)
Enjoying delicious food in the Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)

Top destination for families and couples

Lovely natural environment with a choice of activities to do. Just perfect for families. Offering an authentic Adriatic experience, the Hotel Pinija serves as the perfect example since it provides families not only with great accommodation, but also with amenities to keep the entire family happily entertained.

Similarly, the region is a true gem for romance. It promises quality moments with your beloved, romantic dinners with a view, walks hand in hand at sunset, the opportunity to discover the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak or the charm of Nin, a top European romantic destination. Fine wellness moments for just the two of you, as offered at the Hotel Pinija, give your relationship special memories as well.

The sunset

Believed to be among the most beautiful ones in the world. Especially when you admire it from a beach, or the Zadar promenade while listening to the Sea Organ and watching the light show by the Greetings to the Sun installation. The unique play of colours indeed is an endless source of inspiration for all visitors to the Zadar region.

Charming Zadar region

Let it cast its spell! The distinctive charm of the Zadar region lies in its beautiful nature, rich heritage, treats for the senses and welcoming people, inviting you to relax and enjoy every step of the way. 

Top reasons to choose Petrčane, Zadar region, for a family holiday

Make the right choice for your family! Want to break away from your routine, spend quality time and create lasting memories with your nearest and dearest? Picking the right holiday destination is the first step, and here are several compelling reasons why Petrčane is just the right place.

Top location & environment

Peace and quiet with easy access to places of interest, attractions and various activities! Petrčane is a village just outside the city of Zadar offering your family tranquility in a safe zone. For example, the Hotel Pinija is located on the Punta Radman peninsula, with little to no traffic and a beautiful natural environment. At the same time, you are conveniently near the buzzing city and various wonders of nature are within easy reach for a day trip.

Lovely beach & pool

Your family may like splashing in the pool. Or you may all like swimming and snorkelling in the sea, playing on the shore, or doing water sports. Both are available and within a short distance from one another at the Hotel Pinija. It has an indoor and outdoor pool with a sundeck, and the beach is just a few steps away. It is a pebbly beach with plenty of natural shade, sheltered from large waves and winds, and it is a perfect example of a typical Dalmatian beach with crystal clear sea.

Family-friendly accommodation

At perfect ease on holiday! Find the accommodation that matches your preferences such as the family rooms at the Hotel Pinija. After all, a comfortable stay with a choice of amenities guarantees perfect rest and memorable moments shared with your family.

Family-friendly accommodation at the Hotel Pinija, Zadar region

Fun in a lovely setting

Good times for the whole family, great times for each individual member! Make sure your preferred destination offers a rich entertainment program, as does the family-friendly Hotel Pinija. Granted, the program is richer during peak season, when adults can take part in animation programs and workouts, while the children get to make new friends and participate in workshops at the Pini Club.

Still, the hotel has additional amenities you can all enjoy together all year round. Have a family tournament in mini golf under the fragrant pine trees. With older children, you can also enjoy a fun game of beach volleyball. How about renting a bike and planning a cycling trip of discovery? After all, bikes are available for rental at the hotel, in case you leave yours behind at home.

Extra activities & trips in the region

Love nature, exploring heritage and enjoying new experiences with your loved ones? Staying in Petrčane, you can do precisely that. Apart from visiting top attractions in Zadar, among them also Greetings to the Sun and the Sea Organ, the entire region offers a wealth of exciting options.

Take your family on a short ferry ride to Ugljan and go hiking for great views at St Michael’s Fort. Ride a bike to Nin, have fun taking photos with statues of historical figures such as bishop Gregory of Nin, and visit the Saltworks and its museum. Go on a sailing adventure around the islands of Zadar archipelago, including the heart-shaped Galešnjak island. Spend a day full of excitement at the Fun Park Biograd (theme park) or at the Adventure Park in Kožino. And that’s not all.

As many as four national parks (Krka river and waterfalls, Kornati islands, Paklenica and Plitvice Lakes, which are a bit outside the region but still close enough) and two nature parks (Telašćica Bay, Vrana Lake) are within easy reach from Petrčane. Excursions can be simply arranged and they guarantee a unique experience of the region, be it at sea, on land or a lake, or on the top of the mountain.

Family moments to remember

Quality moments with your loved ones, in a wonderful and peaceful Mediterranean setting. That is precisely what awaits you in the Zadar region on your holiday! So, pick Petrčane for your family, and for all the right reasons.

Active autumn in Petrčane, Zadar Region

Ready to re-energize by the sea? Autumn may just be the right time of year to make the most of the amazing setting and lovely weather. Particularly if you decide to take your break in Petrčane, just outside Zadar. 

Perfect conditions for being outdoors

Days may be getting shorter and sunshine may be gradually losing its intensity, but pleasant weather in the Zadar region remains. Also, since peak season has finished, it is generally less busy on the roads, in the city and places of interest.  In other words, you have favourable conditions to enjoy your active autumn break.

Go cycling

Plan your bike adventure starting from Petrčane! There are a number of trails in the Zadar region, along the sea and in the countryside, on and off road. You can also select the level of difficulty that matches your physical condition. From the Pinija Hotel, you can be off to Zadar, Nin, or shorter routes, such as a simple ride to Kraljevski vinogradi vineyards in Petrčane and experience its ambiance at harvest time.

Go for a run

If you are an enthusiastic jogger, you will love it in the Zadar region this time of year. After all, there’s something magically soothing about running along the sea at sunrise, when it’s all calm with hardly anyone around, or at sunset, when the sun paints the sky with the colours of autumn. 

Colourful sunset at the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun in Zadar (Image source: Zadar Tourist Board)
Colourful sunset at the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun in Zadar (Image source: Zadar Tourist Board)

Just keep walking

A stroll is a great form of keeping actively busy on holiday. Even more so, when you pair it with a sightseeing tour in Zadar and Nin, or go uphill toward St Michael’s fortress on the island of Ugljan for fabulous views. For longer and/or more challenging hikes, go up the mountain in Paklenica National Park, and witness the change of scenery brought about by autumn.

Fitness exercise

Continue your routine workout while on a holiday break, maybe even combine it with a swim. The available facilities with the indoor pools at the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane allow you to do precisely that.

Play ball

Aim & ace it! Play a game of tennis in a Mediterranean setting by the sea and work on your hand-eye coordination in a game of mini golf. The sports facilities on the Punta Radman peninsula in Petrčane provide you with great conditions to enjoy these popular pastimes, when it is not so hot outdoors as during the summer months.

Active relaxation

Take a moment to unwind after working out! Lie down on a lounger in a quiet area with a sea view, and treat yourself to a massage and body treatments at the wellness centre in the Pinija Hotel. Simply take time to appreciate the feel-good moments and restore the balance of body and mind.  

Your Pinija brea in autumn

You deserve it. What is more, the Pinija Hotel has some extra Autumn Magic for you with special treats. So, get the energy boost with a holiday break keeping you happily busy and wonderfully pampered. In Petrčane, Zadar region.

7-Day Holiday Itinerary Suggestion – Petrčane, Zadar

Beach, pools, sights, sports & leisure, relaxation & wellness – wondering about how to make the most of all the Zadar region has to offer on your holiday in Petrčane? Simply make a list of things to do and an approximate plan about how to proceed. Here’s a suggestion:

Day 1 – Getting to know Petrčane

Having arrived at your destination, just take a deep breath of excellent sea air and appreciate the green Mediterranean surroundings.  Then get settled in your room and head out for a light stroll to stretch your legs and to get to know the peaceful village of Petrčane. Finally, treat yourself to a delicious dinner and a glass of excellent wine with a view of the sea, at the Hotel Pinija. 

Day 2 – Water fun and more

Take a moment to relax … with a bit of action, if you like! Spend your morning sunbathing on the beach, swimming and snorkeling, or doing water sports. The pebbly beach with plenty of natural shade is just a few stops away from the hotel. If you prefer the pool, simply find your perfect spot on the sundeck. Then in the afternoon, consider a game of mini golf under the fragrant pine trees or have fun playing beach volleyball.

Day 3 – Visiting Zadar

Spend the morning just as you please – enjoying the sea or lounging by the pool, simply savouring the stress-free moments. Then in the afternoon, visit Zadar. Take a walking tour of the historical peninsula, strolling along its walls (UNESCO World Heritage Site), through the old gates and down ancient cobbled streets and squares. Leave the modern attractions, Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun, for the evening, when you can truly appreciate them to the fullest. 

Day 4 – Action & relaxation

Rent a bike and head out on a cycling trip of discovery towards Nin. The charming small town, less than 10km away from Petrčane, has a fascinating story to tell. Don’t miss the Statue of Gregory of Nin for good luck, the Church of the Holy Cross and the Saltworks with the Museum for unique souvenirs. Once you get back to the Hotel Pinija, treat yourself to the perfect rest in the spa zone with saunas, hot tubs and a relax room. 

Picturesque town of Nin, Zadar region

Day 5 – Raising a toast to your holiday

Take a light stroll along the beach in the morning, then rest in the shade or by the pool sipping your favourite refreshment. In the late afternoon head to the Kraljevski vinogradi. The vineyard in Petrčane offers an amazing gastronomic experience featuring locally produced wine, in a magical setting with a view of the sea and islands in the distance. 

Day 6 – Trip in the region

Sky’s the limit. Sailing around the islands of Zadar archipelago, including Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati Islands National Park. Hiking up the mountain in Paklenica National Park. Going on a photo safari or kayaking down the Zrmanja river. Exploring the beauty of Croatia’s most popular national parks: Plitvice Lakes or Krka. Cycling around or kayaking across Vrana Lake (nature park). Petrčane has a great location in the Zadar region, so numerous excursions to amazing places of interest can be easily made. 

Day 7 Feel-good moments

Treat yourself to wonderful wellness moments at Marea, Hotel Pinija! Get a massage or a peeling, facial or body treatments with a touch of the Mediterranean, and make sure your unforgettable holiday moments shine through… on your skin, relaxed facial expression and lovely tan.

Plan your moves… or not

An approximate itinerary of activities and experiences you want to have in the Zadar region enables you to fully enjoy your holidays, without any regrets afterwards. Naturally, you can be spontaneous and make adjustments on the spur of the moment. After all, realizing your idea of a great holiday is possible – in Petrčane, Zadar region!

Activities for children in Petrčane, Zadar and the region

How to make a family holiday the one to remember? By strengthening the bond and spending quality moments with your loved ones. By planning shared experiences and new adventures. By making sure every member of your family has a great time. So, let your children pick from a variety of activities available in the Zadar region and watch them feel absolute joy:

Petrčane for kids

Activities for children, activities for the whole family! Let your children’s imagination activate on the beach, snorkelling and swimming, and having a great time at the inflatable water park, all just a few steps from the Hotel Pinija. Or let them enjoy the pools, both indoor and outdoor. The hotel also has an animation team running the Pini Club, where they can take part in creative workshops, sports games, dance in the mini disco, and make new friends. 

Apart from being situated in a quiet, almost traffic-free, area, the Hotel Pinija also offers amenities you can use all together. Challenge your family members to a game of mini golf, maybe even beach volleyball. Rent bikes and get to know Petrčane and its vicinity – for example, the picturesque town of Nin is less than 10 km away. 

Fun for kids in Zadar

Explore Zadar with your family and enjoy your visit every step of the way! Apart from stopping by attractions such as the Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun, you can climb to the top of the tower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral or have a magical time at the Museum of Illusions. For a memorable Zadar adventure, embark on a treasure hunt revealing to you the story of the city and its most famous sights. Indeed, sightseeing cannot get more exciting for the whole family.

Fun Park Biograd in Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)
Fun Park Biograd in Zadar region (Image source: Zadar Region Tourist Board)

Family adventures in the region

Plan a special surprise for your children in the Zadar region! Let them enter the world of pirates, space and the Wild West and feel the rush of adrenalin as they go on rides at the Fun Park Biograd. Or they can feel the thrill of achievement as they finish a rope course in the cool shade of pine trees at the Adventure Park Zadar in Kožino. They also offer paintball, quad rides and other exciting activities. 

A new adrenalin park has been recently opened in the Vrana Lake Nature Park as well, where your family can also enjoy the sight of various birds and go kayaking across the lake. If your family loves nature, you might also consider a visit to Paklenica National Park where you can take light hikes along educational trails and your children can try rock climbing.

Fun all the way 

From the sea to the mountains! Consider the options available at the Hotel Pinija and use its convenient location in Petrčane to take your kids on a quest of discovery to Zadar and wider. Share quality moments with your family, watch their genuine smile and joy, and create everlasting memories on your holiday in the Zadar region. 

Beach & the pools at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane

When you think about the perfect summertime moments, what do you prefer – a beach or a swimming pool? While staying at the Hotel Pinija in Petrčane near Zadar you don’t need to choose either, since both are amazing and within easy reach. Apart from being family-friendly, the beach and the pools facilitate use for persons with disabilities. 

Lovely Pinija beach

Only a few steps away from your room! Authentic Adriatic experience awaits you at the beach right outside the Hotel Pinija in a quiet zone of the Punta Radman peninsula. Just as the name implies, it has various fragrant pine trees that not only provide excellent natural shade, but also the perfect contrast to the clear blue sea. The beach is pebbly and rocky with paved areas as well, sheltered from the wind and larger waves. In other words, just perfect for a day out by the sea. 

Simply lie back on a lounger or a beach chair (available for rental), let the sun rays caress your skin as you are listening to crickets’ chirp and the soothing sound of the sea reaching the shore. Or you can be more active, swim & snorkel, play a game of beach volleyball, or have fun with other beach props you can rent on the spot. If you are on holiday with children, they will have a great time at the floating water park or playing in a sandbox and a playground nearby. Then, when you feel like you could use a refreshment, simply stop by a cafe or grab a slice of pizza at the pizzeria.

Family fun at the Pinija Beach

A choice of outdoor and indoor pools

Pure pleasure and fun for you at the Pinija pools! Relax on a lounger by the outdoor pool, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the view of the sea and islands in the distance. At the same time, your children can splash in the smaller pool close by. The area has wheelchair access and since the pools are heated, they can be used for longer than just the top summer months. It is also a popular spot at the Pinija Hotel in case you wish to admire the famous sunset of the Zadar region. 

But that’s not all. There are indoor pools as well, a larger one and a smaller one for kids, both of which can be enjoyed regardless of the weather all year long. They are the perfect extension of the stress-free zone as provided by the wellness and spa center of the hotel. People with disabilities can also make use of the water wheelchair readily at their disposal. 

For your absolute pleasure – beach and the pools

Chill at the pools, relax at the beach…At the Pinija Hotel in Petrčane it’s not about opting for one over the other. It’s about spending memorable holiday moments with your favourite people. Simply because both are a great option, with only a few steps of distance one from the other. 

Sport & leisure on holiday in Petrčane, Zadar

Get in shape and stay fit on holiday in Petrčane! A peaceful village just outside Zadar and its vicinity provide you with excellent conditions for doing sports and pursuing popular leisure activities. So, leave your daily routine behind, disconnect and let the feel-good emotions prevail. Here’s what you can choose from: 


A light ride in Petrčane, a tour along the coast, to the town of Nin, city of Zadar or inland, a more challenging route… Cycling enthusiasts can choose between a variety of trails matching their preferences and level of fitness. Having left a bike at home, you can always rent one on the spot at the Pinija Hotel and ride away into your cycling adventure.


Do it at sunrise, do it at sunset… just do it! Clean air, beautiful sea and peaceful beaches provide all running enthusiasts with the perfect backdrop for their favorite form of exercise. 

Water sports

Swim & snorkel, and more! Water fun is one of the best ways to get moving on holiday. Do a few strokes, go diving to see the world below the surface, play ball in the shallows. In addition, you can hop on a jet ski or rent a kayak and head out to explore the coast. Besides moving your muscles, you get to appreciate the beautiful landscape from the sea.

Beach volleyball

Team up and enjoy a game of volleyball out in the open! It’s a great way to burn calories, get everyone involved and make new friends along the way, and most importantly it’s excellent fun. The Pinija Hotel provides facilities for the ultimate beach team sport. 

Playing beach volleyball on holiday in Petrčane, Zadar region

Indoor and outdoor workouts

Want to use the opportunity to start exercising? Or are you already used to doing exercise on a regular basis? In that case, having a gym on holiday allows you to continue with your workout routine without interruptions. You might also be interested in other types of exercise such as morning gym or water aerobics. All these options are at your disposal at the Pinija Hotel. 


Hit that ball across the net! Proximity to the sea gives you the perfect setting for playing tennis. All fans of the sport can use the opportunity to pursue their favorite pastime while on holiday in Petrčane, as there are several courts available at the Pinija Hotel. 

Mini golf

Take it easy in a game of mini golf! Sharpening your focus, balance and hand-eye coordination, you are also in for great fun with family and friends while playing mini golf.

Do sports… and relax

Use your free time and ideal conditions in beautiful surroundings to get or keep in shape! The Hotel Pinija in Petrčane provides you with a number of options and facilities to do sports and enjoy leisure activities. What is more, having done a workout, you can then relax in the spa zone with a view of the sea. So, on your holiday in the Zadar region, let nothing stand in your way to those feel-good moments that come with being active!